It’s just one life: LIVE TO THE FULLEST

I have seen the years, months, weeks, days, minutes as well as seconds passing swiftly with the blink of an eye. That makes me wonder how life is moving expeditiously, not even offering a second chance to look behind and rectify what goes wrong. If that’s the case, then why do we stress ourselves regretting about the past or worrying about the future?

Admittedly, you need to realize that you might be ruining breaths of your life, just by surrounding yourselves with adverse sentiments such as grief, fears, guilt, greed, ego, anxiety, jealousy, lust and so on.

Com’on…Get rid of all this as you are wasting your energy in executing your actions this way. Remember, everything you own is impermanent, particularly this life. Then why don’t you release yourselves from the entrapments, boundaries, narrow horizons which are selectively set by you based on your self-beliefs or through influence and pressure of society.

It’s none of their business. You are the most authentic owner of your life. Do not give enough power to the people to decide what you are supposed to do or achieve, until and unless they have logical advices to carry for you.

  • Master your brain to be wise enough in order to allow you in making decisions about what is best for you.
  • Uplift your soul to meet the spiritual ends of your life with the only permanent element, i.e, the supreme being.
  • Follow your dreams and of course, follow your heart.
  • Live each moment in completion.
  • Make positive contributions in life of people you come across, so that at the end of a day you are a legend, whilst not a sinner.
  • Live freely, hence cutting down your barriers that cease you from utilising your proficiency comprehensively.
  • Do not leave any task undone or any fantasy unfulfilled that you desire to accomplish before departing from this world.

Remember, you have got just one chance to live life.

Ruin it or Cherish it.

The choice is purely yours.

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  1. Maninder Singh says:

    Thats great I am looking forward positively

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks alot and its great to hear about the positive approach


  2. Arshdeep Brar says:

    I can really learn a lot from your blogs. Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks alot… your words are definitely a booster for me..


  3. Jas diamond says:

    Really full of motivation, inspirational words….Keep it up…some people have the courage to enlighten other’s life..I think you are one of them….may god bless you dear…be positive…..and keeping us positive..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks alot m’am… your words mean alot


  4. Anuradha says:

    Very well explained and ur words lead towards positivity.
    Keep on writing,it can help many


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