The girl with a spark…

Who’s the girl with a spark? You might not be familiar to her, but she’s a darling to me. Let me introduce you with her.

She is a heavy stack of positive energy, who believes in spreading positivity in the world. She is definitely one among zillion of residants on this earth, yet she manages to be only among the few who has phenomenal view points about life.

Life wasn’t that easy for her from the beginning itself. In the world full of misery, the phases of life overpowered her too with dark clouds many a times. However, she created the life of her choice for herself through self-efforts, being her own counsellor. Of course, she loves having a keen observation into actions as well as reactions of people, to keep on learning from each individual whom she comes across in her life.

Now where does that spark comes from?

Well, majority of people wander endlessly around the world to find that spark. Poor people, they don’t realize that the true host and treasurer of the spark is individual himself/ herself. That’s the only thin-line difference between them and the girl with a spark. She knew that exploration of energy can be done only by her, although people in her life shall help her lit that energy into flames of sparkling light. That’s truely what actually happened.

The journey of life brought her to the circumstances, where she could either give up or stand up. Giving up was the easiest option then in contrast to gathering pieces of her broken self, as the approach to collection of broken pieces could be hurtful, causing her to bleed more. Consequently, she decided affirmly not to quit, but only pause.

Yes, the pause for a moment was a life saver. The pause allowed her to take a breath, rest for a while and recollect the residual power hidden at the few unwounded sites of her soul.

Finally, she got up and was thrilled to remind herself that she did it, without being known as a failure. The life began transforming then onwards. Right at that moment, the spark of her aura began shining, hence encouraging her to move effortlessly.

At this moment, when the spark is embedded permanently in her soul, she believes in shedding the light of the same into lives of people who consider themselves hopeless, helpless or lifeless in order to vanish the darkness from their life, thus allowing them to release their souls from a sense of grief and unfulfillment.

Spark in you is endless, recognise your’s and spread to many others, therefore making this world an enlightened space.

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  1. IQBAL Singh says:

    Very nice

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  2. Maninder says:

    True words…wounderful

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  3. Correct, very well written. We all have infinite potential with in us and it’s dependent on always winning in every moment with never defeated attitude.

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      1. Jaspreet says:

        Very well quoted…..extremely motivational 👏

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  4. thenavleaf says:

    Wow!! Amazing

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