It doesn’t matter what people say…

Why isn’t she getting married?It’s too late for her to get married.

Why does she wear such kinds of clothes? She’s supposed to be bit cultural.

Why does she speak to anyone and everyone? It’s mandatory for her to restrict herself.

Lmao! Yet on the other end, statements are sometimes flipped:

She hardly interact with anyone. Seems so egoistic!

Don’t she know how to dress classy. How weired her styling is.

Well, there’s no end to list of discussions people tend to make. I often come across such comments thrown at me as if, so called, people own my life.

Earlier, i used to take everything personally, which used to hit my sentiments. It always was difficult to be scanned, traced or judged by one or the other individual. As the time moved on, maturity banged my personality, both, physically as well as mentally. It was then onwards, i began realizing that why have i given control of my life to people, who feel empowered unnecessarily by making freaking comments?

Now let me tell you, people didn’t stop doing the free job of passing their opinions for me. However, i refrained bothering them which i used to do before. Undoubtedly, it was really important for me to live my life for myself at this point of time. The day i took the custody of my life that was once in the trap of folks, whom i consider good for nothing today, was the day i would call as Independance Day for me.

Then onwards till moment now, it hardly makes a difference to ponder upon what people might be thinking. The attitude i have developed over a period of time just allows me to say “LET PEOPLE THINK WHAT THEY WISH. THAT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS”.

And i find myself much happier, satisfied and more like a free bird, making choices of my own and leading the life that’s truely mine.

All those people still exist on this earth, but now their viewpoints really don’t have any worth in my life.

Try for yourself too. I assure this would really make a difference.

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  1. IQBAL Singh says:

    people talk about us but don’t think about them live your life this is the lasty of my life

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  2. Anuradha says:

    Very true
    People around us bother more about others rather their own business
    They really don’t let others lead their lives as per ones own wish
    Our society needs to change it’s mentality i.e mind ur own business

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  3. ridhima says:

    Kuch to log khenge .. Logo ka kam h kehna…
    Live ur life wid ur own rules..

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  4. charu gautam says:

    yes , we should not bother on people who dont even take any part in our life …. just be happie 🙂

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  5. CHETAN says:


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