Appreciate All You Have Today

Today, now or present is the only time you hold control on. Consuming your energy, thinking about either past or future has nothing to do with reality .

Most people tend to hold regrets, grudges or disappointments from past, just reviving their bad experiences OR the others try feeding their brain with imaginations about future. The pendulum of thoughts, oscillating between past and future, shifts your attention from what you actually have in your hands, i.e, present.

Fluctuating thoughts act as distraction, hence taking away your ability to make your present productive. The brain, instead of offerring you focus and concentration in your important tasks of the day, sucks away your attention span in the most irrelevant thoughts which highly has connection with past or future. Consequently, you end up being more upset, irritated, stressed and helpless.

So, it is wise decision to live in present and express your gratitude to the opportunities, moments, people, activities you possess in your current day, therefore leading to a successful day ready to lay foundation of better future.

Following are few way-outs to live in present and make best out of it:

  • Begin your day with meditation in order to align your mind and body perfectly.
  • Make a schedule of your entire day along with exact time for your to- do’s through daily planner.
  • Set a wallpaper on your mobile screens or desktop of your computer or laptop which reminds you to live in present.
  • Gradually train your conscious brain to focus on most important tasks. Setting up time frame to finish each task keeps your attention fixed, hence eliminating chances of your thoughts to wander here and there.
  • The high time, when you feel might drown you in negative thoughts about past or future must be dealt by either spending time with positive people or offerring your brain productive opportunities such as reading books or scribbling etc.

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