Sometimes Silence Is All You Need

When the life has lots of mess to offer, sometimes staying silent gives you solutions and strength rather than dealing with them in some other ways.

Stillness is a form of great energy booster when you feel drained off, fatigued,confused or sometines non-interested to immerse yourself in conflicts. Choosing not to speak at certain times is more like taking a nap after boring lectures, which refresh your brain and hikes efficiency of mental processes, as if you have slept for hours.

I , personally prefer finding few minutes in peace, may it be just 5 minutes or half an hour, for myself due to following benefits which i have experienced in silence till now:

  • It allows me to spend time with myself, thus helping me develop stronger bond with my brain, heart as well as soul.
  • It declines the counter-effects of overthinking by giving a pause to rushing thoughts.
  • Acquiring a state of silence rather than being argumentative in few situations tend to be my clear indication to the opponent that either i am ignoring you or you are not worth being given justifications from my side or sharing a word from my mouth.
  • Tranquility is a best solution to those problems which sometimes are impossible to deal with at that particular point and may take prolonged time to get resolved.
  • This is the most effective exercise to develop a healthy mind, hence giving better outcomes in terms of mental processes.

I would end up with a few quotes on silence which i read and admired.

Silence speaks when words fail.
Silence isn’t empty, It is full of answers.

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  1. dr sethi says:


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  2. Mohd imran ansari says:

    Dear, manpreet
    I don’t know silent speek or not but i will try . Thanks dear

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    1. Ya Imean, it works. You must try


  3. charu says:

    true mam Silence is a source of great strength 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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  4. IQBAL Singh says:

    ਇੱਕ ਚੁੱਪ ਸੌ ਸੁੱਖ

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  5. thenavleaf says:

    Wow!! You write amazing 😘😘proud of you

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    1. Thank you my sweetheart

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