Big Happiness Behind Small Things

Just try to recall moments when you did something ordinary , yet you felt the most delighted. The moments could be:

  • Cool breeze on a sunny day
  • Cherishing tiny drops of rain on a vacation
  • Having a conversation with your best friend after long
  • Glooming flower attracting your attention on-and-on
  • A surprise visit by your closed ones
  • Reading your favourite book
  • Recalling your memories while going through your childhood pictures
  • Blessings of the elderly at your home
  • Appreciation for your work at your work place
  • Taking a nap to refresh on your study table
  • Cuddling with a small kid
  • Spending time with your pets
  • And many more…..

Sometimes, grand events in our life fail to deliver us a sense of satisfaction, enlightenment or happiness, whereas a miniature effort, event or situation leaves you unbelievabely thrilled.

All i wish to remind you is that in a set of hectic schedules, stresses, complications, disappointments; still there is something that can do wonders.

That magic is your vision to identify and feel happier with all little things you are surrounded with. In the darkness of chaos in your life, you might not be able to view the tiny heaps of light hidden in small stuffs around you. But the reality is “They exist”.

Therefore, today onwards make a list of all little things that can broaden your smile. Put on reminders to allow you to embrace with contentment emerging out of your hobbies as well as focus on minute blessings in your life.

Have a great day…

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  1. Anuradha says:

    Every single word is worth millions
    Very well explained

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    1. thenavleaf says:

      So beautiful ❤️😘 proud of you

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Powerful reminder to see the flowers in the meadow of life we traverse. Lit is the journey towards happiness that is fulfilling,

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