Nature Is The True Healer

Have you ever interacted with the creation of this Universe called Nature? Did it click in your mind that the green plants and trees around listen to you if you talk to them?

Yes, nature cares for you, when you share.

I realised it when i used to pass by a firm, green, tall neem tree; just near my home. One ordinary lonely day, standing beneath it, staring above i found the waving leaves hanging on the network of branches as if they were addressing me “Hi”. To my surprise, i found the lost peace, which i had been searching from long with that single gesture of tree; bringing a broad smile on my shattered face. I wondered “Why did i never notice it before?”. But thankfully, i got it today.

Later after that day, my eyes used to search for the similar pieces of satisfaction and calmness which i felt is stored in the treasure of nature. Every single plant on the roadside, that day onwards, appeared to me the best doctor which was healing my wounded soul. The sun peeping out of the darkness each morning, appeared as transmitting me the energy of hopes into my life.

However, i never forget from where this journey began. The neem tree, that helped me regain my hidden identity by inducing positivity into my life, became more like my Teacher, Friend, Guide, God and Transformer that day onwards. Now, i do not miss saying “Hi” to the tree ever, whenever i pass by it lodged with a real smile which beautifully covers my face.

To wrap up, i plead my readers to love nature which is offerring you more than you ever imagined all the times.

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  1. Jaspreet says:

    Yes nature does talk to you if you try to do so and it also replies if you try to listen to.i also, during my childhood days, had a strong bond with the trees standing in the backyard of our ancestral house in my village…now those trees have been cut, house has been renovated…but i really miss those symbols of strength and devotion standing proudly and listening to me calmly…they were certainly my childhood friends…i realy miss them

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    1. That’s touching too. But i appreciate you for being nature lover. I agree the fast life these days have somewhere disconnected the humanity from these gifts that universe gave us free of cost.

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  2. Bintu Khilvania says:

    You are not a teacher to me Mam,
    You are also an inspiration for me,
    I am lucky to have you as a guide mam.
    There is an positive energy aroud you mam .. when i share my problem with you .. negativity goes away from me…
    Thanks for supporting me mam
    Thankss a lot mam
    Thanku so much mamπŸ™πŸ™


    1. That’s my pleasure dear… Always there for you people. Stay blessed


  3. Abhijit Kar says:

    Appropriately noticed and its true our body itself is made up of 5 real treasures of nature.
    I would like you to search for an experiment that was conducted with same variety of 2 plants with one given caring and good words wherein the other plant being scolded and abused, the plant which was cared had an Good growth and bunchy leaves and the other had stunted growth.
    The nature cares as you care it.


    1. Yaa i have been through this experiment before… i too believe that we must admire nature as it defines our existence…


  4. amber says:

    very true.. nature adds Calmness to ur mind and soul


  5. thenavleaf says:

    That’s really inspirational ❀️❀️


    1. Thnk you my bestieπŸ™πŸ˜Š


  6. charu says:

    amazing mam


  7. Gagan says:

    Great thought dear….. M also a nature lover…. I have a lawn in frontyard of my house, where i planted a number of different varities of flowers which i brought from nursery by visiting regular intervals of tym. I did so because i m fond of flowers which can be grown in different seasons within a year. I used to search a lot on internet regarding species of flowers for whom i was not known yet. Believe me today i am familier with all the varieties of flowers which are available in the market. I am the caretaker of my garden and i love the beauty of these adorable (you can also say “colourful”) buddies . They are my healer and i am also always there for them whenever they are in need of me. So readers i would like to say ” go ” and have your valuable tym with nature ‘ s beauty too. They add joy in your lyf with their pretty creativities.

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    1. That’s so nice of you to share your wonderful experience giving another evidence to my post. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™


  8. Gagan says:

    I love to being a part of your blog … Bestie!!!😊😊😊

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    1. That’s my pleasure dear… i appreciate your contribution by so enthusiastic participation 😊


  9. Gagan says:



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